Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about TP-Link routers and

How to change the password of the Tp-link routers?

Here are the steps to change the password of the Tp-link routers

  • Open the desired browser in your system in which you have to operate the internet through the router.
  • The tp-link router login page will appear consisting of Login credentials.
  • Type the username along with the password. In case you haven’t set the password for your router tries the default password along with the username to get to the basic home page of your routers.
  • Be careful while typing the username and the password for your router as they both are case sensitive.
  • The homepage will display, Go to management then Access Control, fill the old password and new password for two times.
  • Confirm your new password and click to apply settings.

What is the reason when Tp-link router get the WAN parameters from the modem?

Here are the four reasons that can become the Tp-link router which can solve this reason

Recheck the manual connection between the router and the modem- If you encounter with the red notification “WAN Port is unplugged” on the main status page of this router. The message signifies that modem is not properly plugged into the WAN port of the router. Recheck the wired connection between the router and modem and if it is not attached properly then attach it properly. You will eventually see that message will disappear from the status page of your router.

Clone the MAC address of your system.

Change the LAN IP address of your router.

Power Cycle Modem and Router

What are the MTU settings on the Tp-link routers?

MTU settings on the Tp-link routers stand for the Maximum Transmission Unit. MTU is the largest internet size on the router that can be transferred on your connection. This is the maximum size of data packets that can be sent through your server. In case, if you set up the MTU size of your Network above the maximum size, then it might result on the internet loss or data packet loss over your Internet connection.

How to access the MTU settings of your Tp-link routers?

Here are some guidelines which will directly take you to access the MTU settings of Tp-link routers.

  • Fill up the login credentials. Type the username and the password of the router.
  • Click on Network and then go to WAN. Select the connection type for your Internet.
  • Change the MTU size of the router according to the appropriate scale.